Entering the Sanctuary

This is a capture of the entrance to Yosemite Valley last month. It seems very appropriate for me to post it this evening because I’m heading back to Yosemite tomorrow for more of that sublime “winter experience.”

I think this photo works because of the small snowy trees on the lower left. They give a sense of scale to the entire composition.

My title for the image is “Entering the Sanctuary.” I’ve given it this name because this is how I think of Yosemite: one of nature’s great sanctuaries, or holiest of holy places, on this green earth.

The photo was taken during a temporary break in blinding snow conditions. This textural rendition of the snow, sequentially a few frames on my memory card before “Entering the Sanctuary,” will give you some idea of what it was like:


View this capture larger.

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  1. Miracle March 12, 2006 at 10:51 pm #

    Wow, exactly. I think that very idea, of Yosemite as sort of a holy place, has kept me so far from going to see it – like going to the Vatican surrounded by Coke-swigging inappropriately dressed loud tourists….THIS is a place that needs to be visited in silence, taken in with awe. Thanks for posting these beautiful shots!

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