Recursive Water Drops

Water drops are among my most favorite things to photograph. I like most about them the entire worlds that you can see in the drops: like our world, but reflected, bent, and refracted. With the promise that if you just looked closely enough you could be transported to an entire parallel universe.

That said, these are not easy to spot or photograph. Fragile, tiny, and desperately prone to the whim of the weather, water drops are a constant joy and challenge. A little like bringing up children.

I photographed the water drops above and just below the other day in my garden on my lecospermum bush. The water drops further down are earlier photos that I like.

The water drop above has a water drop within it. If you look very closely at the water drop within the water drop, you’ll see yet another version of the recursive water drop as part of an infinite repetition. At least until the pixels degrade to mush.

Droplets and Reflections

View this photograph larger.

Garden in a Water Drop
World Wide Web

Wet Cymbidium

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