Don’t Park under the Passionvine

Everyone who knows me—or who reads my blog—knows that I garden to photograph and photograph to garden. Oh, sure, I like making a mini-Eden for the family to enjoy, but for me the main point is to always have inspiring subject matter for my flower macros.

Recently, the city of Berkeley installed a traffic circle at our intersection. This circle is something the neighborhood has been working to get for many years in an attempt to slow traffic down a bit in a neighborhood rich with little kids.

In the infinite wisdom of the City Parents, as part of the installation the city chose to erect an eight-foot high no-parking sign, on the curb near my garden (and next to some of my plantings). The curb was already painted red, so this sign seems particularly unnecessary.

When you are given lemons, make lemonade. I figured the no-parking post would make a great pole for a flowering vine, hence this passionvine.

Of course, first I had to photograph one of its flowers in relatively controlled conditions.

And now I can say, “Don’t park under the passionvine with anyone else but me…”

Passionvine Flower
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