Using LAB Color Adjustments

Fireworks (Papaver)

Fireworks (Papaver), photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Read the original story featuring this image.

My column Using LAB Color Adjustments (in my Creativity in the Photoshop Darkroom series) has been published on Here’s a brief description of the article:

And you thought you had mastered everything there is to know in Photoshop. Harold Davis reveals yet again another complex topic in Photoshop and breaks it down into simple easy-to-learn steps. This new Photoshop Tutorial will revisit the conceptual underpinnings of LAB in Photoshop that were explained in an earlier tutorial. You’ll learn how to do simple color swaps, LAB color adjustments paired with channel blending modes for an infinite palette of spectacular color variations, and how to do inversions and equalizations using LAB color.

Link to Using LAB Color Adjustments, and to my Photoshop Credo.


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