Portraits of the Kids

The Door Opens for Katie Rose

The Door Opens for Katie Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

I spent some time over the weekend making portraits of our kids. These were impromptu photo sessions in dappled shade in our garden, nothing fancy.

Katie Rose (above) is swiftly approaching her second birthday. She is a bundle of intelligence and joy, and a miracle made manifest. The Day My Daughter Was Born explains a bit of the back story.

Mathew (below) is an intense and handsome child. When he forgets to be unhappy he is sunny and truly a pleasure to be around. Mathew gives the best hugs!


Nicky (below) is truly unique. Small for his age, he is passionate, wise, and very witty.

When you look at Julian (far below), you can see the kind intelligence in his eyes. He meets his challenges with grace and persistence—and we are all rooting for him.



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  1. Nice photo.

    I’m curious what technique do you have used for develop this photo in the “digital darkroom”, especially for the picture of Julian.

    Thank you in advanced.


  2. Hi Antonio –

    Stay tuned! Ny next book, “Creative Portraits,” should tell all!

    Best wishes,


  3. Thank you for the information, last friday i’ve buy “the photoshop darkroom” from an italy retailer…..i hope which arrive in this week.



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