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Transparency on Black

Transparency on Black, photo by Harold Davis. View the original story about this image.

My new column in the Creativity in the Photoshop Darkroom series is up. This month’s column is Inverting Backgrounds with LAB. Here’s the description:

In this creative Photoshop Darkroom series with Harold Davis, we explored a few other techniques using the LAB color space in Photoshop. This month’s column explains the basics of inverting a solid black or solid white background in LAB. You might be interested if you want to alter the background of an image: perhaps for a creative effect, perhaps you had no choice about the background when you shot the image, or you’d like to present a matched pair of photos of the same subject—one on a white and another on a black background. Harold presents this advanced technique step-by-step.


Go to Inverting Backgrounds with LAB.

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