Judy Garland in My Garden

I was furiously finishing up a chapter yesterday when I heard that Judy Garland – that is, Judy Garland the rose – was blooming in my garden. I had to take a break and photograph this new bud.

For this kind of photography the essential accessory is a tripod. The camera may not matter so much: unless you have a macro lens, a digital SLR won’t do as good a job as a less expensive LCD camera. But you do need a tripod so you can set the camera in aperture-preferred mode, stop it down as far as it will go, and let the exposure be as long as it needs. The tripod means you won’t get shake from the long exposure.

It’s worth investing in a good tripod. The tripod needs to be strong, and it needs to have the ability to spread its legs in all kinds of variable ways. It’s particularly important that the tripod be able to get very close to the ground (without that ability I would not have been able to take this picture). More information about tripods.

Here are some more photos from my garden:

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