Mighty Mite

This is a photograph through the driver-side window of the speedometer and mirrors of a Nash Metropolitan. This wonderful but tiny mighty mite of a car was built by Nash (which became part of Rambler which became part of American Motors which became part of Chrysler which became part of Daimler Mercedes) in England in the 1950s mostly out of Austin parts.

In California, old cars never die (for one thing, there is no road rust). Someone keeps this wonderful specimen running up by the pre-school that my Nicky and Mathew attend. The plate is “MYTE MET”, but I think of it as the “Mighty Mite.” We see it on errands around Berekely sometimes.

This morning, we dropped Nicky and Mathew off at school and I hurried back to the car to get Julian to school. The sun was just coming up over the coastal range. Julian and I looked ahead, and there was sunlight pouring throught the windows of the Mighty Mite. We rushed over to snap a few photos while Phyllis finished up with the younger kids.

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