Morning Fog over Oakland

In the morning we drop Nicky and Mathew off at their pre-school high in the Berkeley Hills. Then we continue across Grizzly, driving along the crest of the coastal range.

Yesterday morning was foggy and chill. After dropping the younger kids off, we drove south. Past the Oakland city border, we climbed out of the fog. The sun was rising over the sea of fog, and I snapped this photo from an overlook. The rest of the world was covered with fog. If you had xray vision and were looking at the scene in this photo, you’d see the downtown Oakland skyline, San Francisco Bay, and the peninsula south of San Francisco. In fact, this is more or less the view on a clear day (the ridge with trees in the photo above is a little to the left of the scene shown in the link).

But, of course, there’s no sign of the urban environment, or even any specific geographic markers, in this photo.

I try to bring a camera with me on these morning runs for obvious reasons. As they say, if you don’t have the camera with you, you’ll never get the photo.

Continuing on the school drop-off run, we dropped down past the old Claremont Hotel into the world of fog and found Julian’s school.

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