Why do you photograph?

Eye Pluribus

Eye Pluribus, photo by Harold Davis.

With two working parents and four kids, two of the kids with special needs, my family life is often fun but seldom tranquil. Particularly upsetting, we’ve spent much of this year in hearings with our school district about the appropriate special education placement for Julian, our 13-year-old.

So in this insane hubbub of everyday life, meeting the mortgage, paying for health insurance, and finding time for each of the kids, where does the serenity to photograph come from? Why do I make images?

I photograph for solace, for escape, as my profession, and as my joy. Photography takes me away from the mundane, helps me understand who I am and why it all matters.

For me, to photograph is to doodle, to create a daybook out of bits and bytes. I create images for that moment of joy when something I’ve looked at a million times is seen differently, as it has never been seen before.

I photograph to reveal the unseen, and to build a bridge to the impossible. I photograph because I must.

Why do you photograph?

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