Stars over Bishop, California

Stars over Bishop, California

Stars over Bishop, California, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

Briefly noted: This is a view northwest over Owens Valley from Sierra View, high in the White Mountains. The star trails were created from 15 stacked exposures, each exposure using my 10.5mm digital fisheye for 4 minutes at f/2.8 and ISO 320.

The trick in the dark of night to getting detail in the foreground is to shoot an image that has the detail, either by getting in position early (before sunset) or—as in this case—shooting a high ISO foregorund version. Here, I added foreground detail with a 30 second ISO 2,500 shot at f/2.8. I also did a little foreground light painting.

These and other secrets of night photography to be revealed at the Alabama Hills Star Circle Workshop in early November.

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  1. Effect of the fisheye is clearly visible !
    Too bad for the blown-out city lights :-/

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