Creating Photo Books

My most recent column is about Creating Photo Books. Here’s the description from the newsletter. Enjoy!

Harold Davis knows his material when it comes to the topic of this featured column. To date, he’s produced four photography books published by mainstream publishers in 2009, three books this year (2010), and expect to publish four books in 2011. These books all feature Harold’s photography and writing. His wife, Phyllis Davis, collaborated as author on some of these books—and designed all of them. According to Harold, creating a sophisticated book is an incredibly complex process; one that involves creativity, writing, photography, editing, designing, production, and business and marketing concerns. He breaks the process of creating photo books down for us. If more info is needed, add your comments to the bottom of the article, and we’ll see if we can get him to do a series on this topic!

Read about Creating Photo Books.

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