Ducky Dialog

This is a photo of Nicky’s beloved Ducky.

A dialog between Nicky (“N”) and Phyllis (“P”) (a/k/a Mom) the other day:

N: Ducky isn’t feeling very well today. I’m going to put him to bed so he can rest.

P: OK. You tuck him in nicely.

[A little later as Nicky is going to bed …]

N: Ducky is scared.

P: What’s Ducky afraid of?

N: Ducky thinks the moose will come off the wall and hurt him.

P: What moose?

[Nicky points at a cartoon drawing of a moose on the wallpaper.]

P: You know the moose won’t jump out of the wall, right?

N: Yeah, but Ducky doesn’t know that.

P: Why don’t you give Ducky a big hug, and I’ll give you a big hug too!

[Much hugging and kissing. Some time elapses.]

P: How’s Ducky now?

N: He’s much better and not scared any more.

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  1. Lea November 4, 2006 at 10:32 pm #

    that is soooooo cute! 🙂

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