Nicky Is Nine

Nick Is Nine

Nick Is Nine, photo by Harold Davis.

Happy Birthday, Nicky! We celebrated this weekend with a noisy, chaotic, and fun house full of kids.

Amazing how time flies when you have kids. Here are some past stories featuring a younger Nicky:

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After the Burger King Star Wars Meal
The Carousel
Portrait of Nicky
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Julian and Nicky
Nicky and the Chocolate Sandwich
Ducky Dialog
Kids and Hiking
Kid Break
Nicky Jumping
Kids in Yosemite
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Nicky with Face Painting
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Snaggle-Tooth Nicky
Nicky is Eight

Nicky is a wonderful kid, now—and all along the journey. He’s thoughtful, creative, considerate, fun, and full of life. He is simply the greatest!

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