Catching the Sunset

Saturday was a pleasant afternoon, but the light didn’t look to be anything special. In fact, it was a bit overcast. So I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood with Mathew (below) who, at two years old, is in the first flush of the age of exploration. Everything is new, everything is fun, and to walk around the block with Mathew is to see the world with new eyes and is great fun (except crossing streets, he is at the rubber-chicken-legs, let’s try to bite the hand that is holding us safe stage).


By the time I was back home with Mathew, the cloudy sky had started to glow. Phyllis pushed me out the door with my kit and tripod, and I headed up to the porch at Michigan and Kentucky for a glorious sunset. How vast the sky looked in this landscape of water, Golden Gate, and coastal mountains! (Check out the airplane in the upper right of the sky of the photo below, easier to see in the larger version.)

By 5:45 the show was over. So it goes this time of year.

Bay and Sky

View this image larger.

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