Julian in Yosemite

Going through my digital archives, I came across these photos of Julian in Yosemite from March 2006. He seems so happy in the snow that I can’t resist posting them.

I’ve my Nikon dSLRs set to capture both RAW and JPEG for each image. Mostly I use the JPEG as an aid to reviewing photos, and work to post-process the RAW to get the image I’d like. I find that the JPEG usually gives me a better idea of an image’s potential than the RAW, but of course the JPEG is much less desirable for working with in Photoshop.

With these images, basically snapshots of my oldest son, I decided for once to take the lazy path. I think the JPEG version (the camera’s automated idea of how to render the RAW) is just fine for these!

Julian in Snow

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