Creating a Photo Book Proposal

My current column on is about how to create a photography book proposal. Here’s the description:

Harold Davis knows his material when it comes to the topic of this column, with four photography books published by mainstream publishers in 2009, three books this year (2010), and expecting to publish four books in 2011. This second article in his series on Book Publishing explains the nuts and bolts of creating a photography book proposal.

While any book proposal should cover the business aspect of your project, a photography book proposal needs to add a visual element. After all, photography is essentially applied visual design. From this perspective, any photo book proposal worth its salt should provide some eye candy—and, more importantly, give a visual sense of what your book will be like.

Read part 2 of the series: Creating a Photo Book Proposal.

Spoon No. 2

How is writing a photo book proposal like this spoon? A book proposal should come out and grab an agent or publisher, like my hand in this spoon seems about to do!

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