It’s the Lens, Baby!

I took this picture while experimenting with my new Lensbaby 2.0. The Lensbaby is a weird gizmo, actually a lens, that you can use with detachable lens cameras like my Nikon D70. You have to get the Lensbaby with the right mount for your camera, of course. I think it comes in Nikon or Canon mounts.

There’s no aperture setting on the lens, you use little magnetic rings for a choice of a few apertures within the thing. And it only works in Manual mode on my D70 – so you have to guess at exposure, and control it using shutter speed.

The thing is on a sort of flexible bellows tube, and selectively focuses depending on how you bend it. The Lensbaby product documentation is about the length you’d expect for a tea set, not an optical product. But this is about fun, anyway! Anyhow, the doc calls the area that is in focus, which depends how you push, pull, or bend the thing, the “sweet spot” – and basically it seems to focus in pretty close, around a foot or so away from the lens. But, hey, there are lots of ways to use this thing, and I’m sure you’ll get different results than I do.

Here are a few more it’s the Lens, Baby experiments from today (Julian’s Star Wars sandals, and more flowers):

Star Wars Sandal

Blue Flower

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