Marin Headlands at Dusk

Like some earlier photos taken on Point Reyes, these captures of the Marin coast (above) and the open Pacific with Venus setting into a fog bank (below) were exposed in almost pitch black conditions. The Marin Headlands image was a thirty second time exposure with my lens wide open. (View the EXIF data.)

The camera was on a tripod, of course, and Julian and Nicky were waiting in the car in the dark parking lot at the very end of the Point Bonita road that overlooks Muir Beach.

With these night time images exposed this way, the capture picks up light waves beyond those visible to people, and my Nikon’s LCD is absolutely incapable of rendering the image. So I didn’t really know what these looked like until I opened them in Photoshop.

I like the effect of the lights in the village on the rugged shore on the Marin coast. The image says “safety and hospitality” to me in a place of possible danger.

I also think these images illustrate the evolution of photography as a new, digital medium is born.

Venus Setting over the Pacific

View this image larger.

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