Photographer of the Month—Harold Davis

I am pleased to be interviewed by Darwin Wiggett as his Photographer of the Month. This lengthy interview does not consist of entirely easy pitches. Here’s how it begins:

Darwin: You have left a record of your work as digital photographer on the net showing your progression and evolution from your first posts on your blog in 2005. Many photographers want to leave an impression that they only ever created amazing stuff. Showing some early misses takes courage in my opinion and shows someone secure in who they are. But do you ever feel ‘exposed’ at times when people see your earlier work, work that may not meet your standards of today?

Here’s part of my response: “It serves a great educational role to let people know that some of my earliest digital work wasn’t as good as it might have been, and that I’ve managed to get a great deal better. If I can improve, so then can they.”

Other questions involve multi-RAW processing, hand HDR, what it takes to write a book about photography, electronic publication, and finding inspiration. Read the complete interview.

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