Water Drop Season

Happy Wanderer Sunburst

With flowers beginning to bloom and spring on the horizon, water drop season is open. I went hunting the other day after a fairly long siege of cold and rainy weather. The first morning after the storm passed the water drops were gleaming in the sun like treasure.

Phyllis made me some coffee, and I hurried out to catch the drops before they evaporated—something that can happen very quickly.

There’s nothing I love to photograph more than a good water drop world!

Return of the Sun

Please note a correction to my earlier story about stacking modes. Whether or not you use the Statistics action, in Photoshop CS5 stack modes are only available in the Extended edition. If you have the standard edition these menu items will appear grayed out. I was misinformed, and I am sorry if you spent time trying to follow my original instructions with the standard edition.

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  1. Q: Did you use a starburst filter or is that your shutter making those starbursts??? Or a click with a PS brush???

    Enquiring minds need to know!!!

    A: Just sunlight. No starburst filter, no PS brush. I did stop the lens all the way down, to f/36.

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