Blanket DNA

Blanket DNA

Picking compulsively at his beloved blanket, Mathew leaves these microscopic skeins of fabric everywhere. He and Nicky have dubbed them “blanket DNA.”

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  1. tauni May 18, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    From the day that you were born;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    From the blankies that kept you warm;

    picking fuzzies. Tiny fuzzies.

    Throughout the days, feeling secure;

    picking fuzzies. Tons of fuzzies.

    Growing up, feeling strong;

    picking fuzzies. Lots of fuzzies.

    With your friends or all alone;

    picking fuzzies. Lovely fuzzies.

    Love to do it, but don’t tell Mom!

    Picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    Long bus rides, volleyball games;

    picking fuzzies. Comfy fuzzies.

    Watch a movie with your sis;

    Picking fuzzies. Love those fuzzies!

    The Doctors told us you were ill;

    picking fuzzies! Picking fuzzies!

    You went to the hospital to get your treatment;

    picking fuzzies. Fuzzy fuzzies.

    Eventually you lost your hair;

    picking fuzzies. All those fuzzies!

    Heart of gold, staying strong;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    You were tired, it was hard to eat;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    Take your needles, take your pills;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    Chemo, scans, transplant, tests;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    Check your temp, take your meds;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    Take more tests and wait for news;

    picking fuzzies. Picking fuzzies.

    To no avail – your time is near;

    picking fuzzies. Blankey fuzzies.

    I watch you fade and I cry;

    picking fuzzies. Beautiful fuzzies.

    In my dreams I’m filled with joy…

    It’s raining fuzzies! Oh! precious fuzzies!

  2. tauni May 18, 2011 at 10:55 pm #

    If you can’t tell, we call them fuzzies in our family, and my baby sister actually taught me how to make them! Warm, tender memories of Fuzzies, aka Blanket DNA!

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