White Iris

White Iris

Here’s another floral image, this one in a much more classical style than Floral Impressionismo.

I lit the white Iris from left and right, using diffuse sunlight controlled via shades and blinds. I added black foam core board to cut out any unsightly highlights. The fancy lighting term for this arrangement is that these boards were used as “Gobos”—meaning they go between the light and the subject.

Using my 85mm macro, I shot six exposures with the camera fixed on a tripod. Each exposure was at f/64 and ISO 100, with shutter speeds ranging between 1/2 a second and 20 seconds. In Photoshop, I used the 1/2 second exposure for the background, the 4 second exposure for the table and vase and much of the flower, and the 10 and 20 second exposures for a few highlights.

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