Structure of Time

Structure of Time © Harold Davis
Structure of Time © Harold Davis

Looking up through layers of rock makes me feel that I can see the structure of time moving at a geological pace.

Note: This is an exposure blend of five on-tripod bracketed captures. But when I saw the results, I decided I actually wanted to frame the view with outer bands of blackness, even though I had plenty of dynamic range to also show these areas had I chosen to do so.

The moral: good photography is about choices, and sometimes less is more. Just because we can do something—in this case, show details across the entire image—doesn’t mean we should. Composition can get interesting when areas of the photo cannot easily be made out, like the parts of this image that I intentionally left in shadow.

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  1. Very interesting technique – with exposures blending layer by layer, instead of full blown HDR. I certainly gave a stunning image. I wonder how this image looked in color- the different light falling on each layer would render it color totally different…

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