Finding an Audience with Twitter

My new column Using Twitter to Find an Audience for Your Photos explores how best to use Twitter as a platform for garnering an audience for your photos. Actually, the tips in my article go beyond photography—and really explore how to make the most of Twitter no matter what you want to promote.

To write this article, I interviewed some of the most successful practitioners of the craft of using Twitter to support photography-related businesses. The tips they share will be valuable no matter what your arena of work.

From Sunset to Sunrise

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Here’s the article description:

Finding an audience for your photography is a very important topic to consider in the digital arena. Harold Davis continues to share his very informative and valuable tips and tricks in his monthly column on this very topic.

This month, he covers maximizing your exposure via Twitter. Can the word-based Twitter be a successful promotional vehicle for a photographer’s image? Harold thinks so and the thousands of pageviews his images receive because of Twitter are hard to argue with. How does he do it? Read the article and find out.

Read Using Twitter to Find an Audience for Your Photos.

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