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Bridge in the Fog © Harold Davis
Bridge in the Fog © Harold Davis

As Phyllis finishes up the page layouts for Photographing Flowers, I’ve been spending a great deal of time with Katie Rose. Our nanny is on vacation, the boys are in camp, and Katie doesn’t start pre-school until September. Although I get impatient because of my list of things to be done, these days are precious to me.

The past few days the fog has been coming in and out of San Francisco Bay as though driven by a bellows. We wake up inside a cloud, by midday everything is blue and sunny, then as the afternoon wears on the progression reverses.

Katie and I went exploring. I was looking for interesting juxtapositions of fog and landscape. Katie was looking for playgrounds.

We started at the Berkeley Marina, then crossed the Bay to Belvedere and Tiburon, on the edges of the fog. The playground in Belvedere met Katie’s expectations, but the fog didn’t quite do it for me.

With an intermission to feed French fries to the pigeon at In-and-Out burger—he must have been on an intermission from driving the bus—we headed for the Marin Headlands with its views of the Golden Gate.

Katie climbed Hawk Hill on her own steam, and I pulled out my 70-300mm Tamron lens to shoot this image of a lone tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in the late afternoon sea of fog.

Someone commented that this photo shows the virtues of being in the right place at the right time. Maybe so—or perhaps the moral is to let your kids be the guide!

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  1. Harold, just a little heads up on letting kids guide you. I let my son find some interesting subjects for me to photograph. Everything was fine, until I sold a print and he said: “So, we get to split the money right?” At 11 years old, he’s well on his way in the business end of photography.

  2. Travis, can I hire your son as a rep? LOL.

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