Iglesia San Felipe

Iglesia San Felipe

This is an interior of a church located in Habana Vieja (the old district of Havana, Cuba). The image is comprised of three bracketed exposures, shot using a tripod on my 2009 trip to Cuba. The lighting inside the Iglesia San Felipe presented a significant challenge because it varied from deep shadow (in the pews) to bright sunlight (in the dome).

Digital means you never have say you’re sorry—and that you are never done. I finally got around the other day to processing this HDR sequence from my archives.

You don’t really get a sense in this image of the tonal range of the actual scene because of the way I decided to process the image. In essence, at the scene the eye would perceive both lights and darks as opposed to this high-contrast but somehow visually uniform rendition of the scene.

Here’s a link to the Cuba category on my blog. Enjoy!

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