Flowers on Mirror

What is it about photographing flowers that is so satisfying to me? I will never get tired of photographing flowers – or of looking at flowers and enjoying their colors and smells.

From a technique perspective, it works well indoors to put the flowers on a mirror and shine a slightly warm light through the flowers (from behind and to the right of the arrangement in this picture). I had my camera mounted on the tripod (of course), and I used a cross piece on top of the tripod so I could easily move the camera perpendicular (straight down) on the composition.

I’ve had a strenuous day – up early with the kids, a time consuming and peculiar consulting project, and an interaction with the editor of my current book project that was upsetting – so it’s nice to be able to be comforted with something as simple as photographing flwrs on the mirrr (and to get a smile by eviscerating vowels, er, vwls, just like flickr!).

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