Flowering Quince on My “Bucket List”

Most photographers have bucket lists of things they’d like to photograph before they die. Flowering quince—because of the lushness of the blossoms contrasted with the sparseness of the stems–has long been on my bucket list of things I want to photograph before I “slip this mortal coil.”

I know that as “Bucket List” items go flowering quince isn’t all that dramatic—I have some dramatic bucket list items as well—but modest pleasures are important too.

What’s on your “bucket list”? Feel free to add a comment telling me what you’d like most to photograph!

Flowering Quince by Harold Davis

Flowering Quince 1 © Harold Davis

You don’t see much flowering quince growing wild around here, and I’ve been loth to buy an expensive specimen from a florist. So I was pleased to find some intertwined with a chain link fence near Rosa Parks, the elementary school that Nicky and Mathew go to.

Someone must have planted the Quince a long time ago, but I don’t think anyone was really tending the Quince shrub. Nevertheless, in the interests of poetry and drama I treated snipping some stems as a matter of nighttime drive-by pruning, with the engine running and the minivan’s tailgate open.

From there, it was a matter of arrangement and backlit studio photography on my lightbox.

Flowering Quince by Harold Davis

Flowering Quince 2 © Harold Davis

Checkout my work in the February 2012 New Releases (PDF) and January 2012 New Releases (PDF) fliers, both from World Art Group.


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  1. Aubrey February 21, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    Hi Harold,

    I really like your work with white backgrounds.

    One of the items on the top of my photographic bucket list is to create more images for my Minimalist Portfolio.

    I enjoy nature photography and it is very difficult to find minimalist subjects in the chaotic world of nature. So I am trying to better my visualisation skills of simplifying the subject and background down to it’s basic elements.

    Regards ……. Aubrey

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