Two from Point Lobos

I was lucky last week to spend a little time photographing at Point Lobos on the coast of California between Carmel and Big Sur. The weather was perfect: raining when I got there but quickly turning to clouds with chiaroscuro lighting effects.

Point Lobos 2 by Harold Davis

Point Lobos 2 © Harold Davis

There’s little doubt that acre-for-acre Point Lobos is one of the most beautiful places on this green earth. It’s also steeped in the aura of Edward Weston and the West coast school of landscape photography. But Point Lobos can get a bit crowded, and it is sometimes hard for me to concentrate on making serene art when I am tripping over other photographers. So a fringe benefit of the weather was that I had Point Lobos more or less to myself!

Path on Point Lobos by Harold Davis

Path on Point Lobos © Harold Davis


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