New $10,000 Stretch Goal for Monochromatic Visions

I’m very excited that our Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter was funded in less than 24 hours! Thanks so very for your support.

Because of all the excitement around the Monochromatic Visions portfolio, I’ve added a dream “stretch goal”—with an ambitious $10,000 goal. This goal will fund sending me on a photographic pilgrimage to create a unique portfolio of old Japan with the intention of creating a monochromatic portfolio based on my journey.

Road Less Traveled by Harold Davis

Road Less Traveled © Harold Davis

Here’s how we put it on Kickstarter:

If the Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter raises $10,000, Harold, his creativity, his camera, and his tripod will take a pilgrimage to the temples of Kyoto, Japan, and on foot to the world heritage Kumano kodo (old road of Japan).

The Kumano kodo is a network of trails leading south from Kyoto into the remote and mystical Kii Peninsula. This has been a route of pilgrimage for over 1,000 years, and includes a number of arduous trails, among them Nakahechi-do, Kohechi-do and Ohechi-do (these trails are known collectively as the Kumano kodo). Harold’s destinations will include the Grand Shrine of Hongu, and the Nachi Grand Shrine at the Pacific Ocean.

On his return from this photographic pilgrimage, Harold will create a portfolio of unique monochromatic images based on work photographed during his journey. This portfolio will be lovingly printed on traditional Japanese Kozo washi produced by a Japanese paper mill that has been in the same family for 700 years.

Harold says, “Thank you for supporting my work. I am so excited by the early funding of Monochromatic Visions. This stretch goal is a photographic journey that I’ve wanted to fulfill for many years. The opportunity of photographing rural Japan and some of Japan’s most sacred shrines would deepen my photographic life-journey and help me to reach further into my spiritual creativity. Thank you for supporting a living artist and for helping me to realize my artistic dreams!”

We’ve added some exciting new rewards related to the stretch goal (including the unique opportunity to walk with Harold in Japan while he creates the new Kumano Kodo portfolio), please check them out. And thanks ever so much for your support.

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