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I wanted to touch base before I leave for France on Sunday. As you likely know, I will be leading a photography workshop in Paris. This is one of my dreams come true! My plan is to keep in touch by posting photos and stories from Paris about the ongoing adventure. You can also check the Photograph Paris with Harold Davis meetup group for updates and photos from the workshop.

Before I leave I also wanted to alert you to a few opportunities related to Botanique, my Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter project, and my workshops.

Thanks always for your support, interest in my work!

My very best wishes for adventure and photography,

Harold Davis


Copies of Botanique ARE available

Acclaimed as “origami in a box” and said to be “destined for major museums,” Botanique is an innovative artist project that astutely blends old craft and cutting edge new technologies to create an exquisite limited edition art book and art object that is completely unique.

Here’s how one viewer put it: “That would have to be the most beautiful floral photography I’ve seen…evident in the fact that I sank down onto my keyboard, totally relaxed thinking “oh how beautiful”. I can only dream of owning such a beautiful book.”

A washi Unryu spread within Botanique

A washi Unryu fold-out print within Botanique

Although Botanique is selling well, and despite some stories that the edition has been sold out, we do have some copies still available. The current price (for numbers 12-15) is $1,200. The Botanique presentation ships with white gloves for handling and a signed print of Red Poppies on Kozo Washi. The fine print: $50 shipping is additional. Sales tax is also additional (for CA residents only).

According to Popular Photography Magazine, the floral prints of Harold Davis “border on the spiritual.” Botanique contains twenty-one luscious floral prints that emerge delicately and seductively from the hand-assembled presentation box. The clam shell box measures approximately 9.25″ X 12.5″ X 1″ deep.

Click here for more information about Botanique.

If you are interested in a copy of Botanique, please contact Phyllis,

Red Poppies by Harold Davis

Red Poppies © Harold Davis

The Monochromatic Visions and Beyond

The original idea of my Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter project was to fund the creation of a new monochromatic portfolio edition of my prints. This goal was very quickly reached, so I added a second “stretch goal”—to go to Japan and create a second washi portfolio of images from the old Japan road, Kumano kodo.

This goal is well underway, and I’d appreciate any support you can give it.

Currently, the Monochromatic Visions portfolio is available on Kickstarter for $1200, and there are two $650 copies available of the Kumano kodo portfolio.

I want to point out that prints from the individual portfolios are also available, starting as low as $200 including shipping. You can choose any of the prints from the Monochromatic Visions portfolio at this price, which represents a very substantial discount off the normal price for prints from my studio (it is $550 and up).

You can only take advantage of this offer via the Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter project.

Click here to visit the Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter project.


I have rescheduled the Composition in Night Photography webinar for Thursday, July 11, 2013. Click here for information and registration.

There are currently limited spaces available in the following workshops:

Ancient Music of the Stars by Harold Davis

Ancient Music of the Stars © Harold Davis

What folks have said about Harold Davis workshops and events:

  •  “A great artist and speaker!”—W. Anglin
  •  “Harold is genuine, generous, and gracious – He has a world of knowledge and expertise that he loves to share – his wonderful books show his monumental talents and skill set- his workshops shows the depth of his connecting with others in a very real and personal way.”—P. Borrelli
  • “Awesome! He patiently addressed questions from the audience which contained photographers of all levels , molding his answers to the level of understanding for each of us. His presentations covered a wonderful range of technical knowledge as well as emphasizing the need for images to have an emotional quality. The images he shares are breathtaking and he is generous in sharing many facets of how he captures such beauty.”—J. Phillips
  • “Not all photographers are good verbal communicators. Harold is someone who can DO and TEACH. A rare combination of talents.”—B. Sawyer
  • “Inspiring!”
  • “He was very giving of his talents and time. The course was very organized and thorough. Loved it! Learned so much!”—L. Beck
  • “Very creative and a marvelous instructor.”—Kay S.

About Harold Davis:  Harold Davis is a professional photographer whose work is widely admired and collected. He is the author of many bestselling photography books. Harold Davis is a Moab printmaking Master.

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