Workshop Opportunities

Please note the following Harold Davis workshop events and opportunities:

  •  This week, I am giving a webinar on Thursday, May 23 about post-production in night photography, specifically about how to handle some of the issues that come up in long exposures to make for more exciting images. Here’s the link for registration and more information.

    Ghosts of Paris © Harold Davis

    Ghosts of Paris © Harold Davis

  • On Sunday, June 2 we are sponsoring a free, unguided shoot in memory of my friend and student Jack Tasoff. Click here for more information about the event.
  • There’s only one spot remaining in the Sunday, June 23 full moon Golden Gate workshop. Click here to register. I don’t expect this spot to stay available for long!
  • My Photographing Flowers for Transparency workshop is unique, as I am the inventor of many of the techniques you’ll learn. I give the workshop, which covers all aspects of the process from conception, arrangement and photography through post-production, with plenty of time for you to create your own hands-on imagery. I only plan to give this workshop once a year. In December 2013 it will be hosted in Berkeley, CA, and in 2014 I will give the workshop in Germany. Click here for information and registration for the 2013 Photographing Flowers for Transparency workshop.

I have some exciting new events planned for the autumn, and will let you know as these plans materialize.

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