Solar Bisection near Euclid

Solar Bisection

Solar Bisection, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

One of my favorite spots for observing sunset over Mount Tamalpais and the Golden Gate is a vacant lot on upper Euclid Avenue in the Berkeley Hills. I don’t know the real estate history of this lot, but it seems at this point like a small city park with a fence protecting people from the drop that overlooks the view.

I’ve tried the solar bisection of the tree trunk idea at this spot before. The trick, of course, is a matter of timing: there’s only a split second in any given sunset in which the sun will be in the right position.

[Nikon D300, 18-200mm VR zoom lens at 42mm (63mm in 35mm terms) with image stabilization engaged, 1/640 of a second at f/13 and ISO 200, hand held.]

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