Falling Rose Petals – New Print Edition

We are making available a new print of Falling Rose Petals directly from my studio. Falling Rose Petals is printed on Awagami Unryu washi, generously sized on 12″ X 17″ paper. Each print has my Photographer as Poet stamp hand-applied in archival ink on the lower left, and is signed on the face of the print in pencil.

Falling Rose Petals on Unryu washi

Falling Rose Petals, shown on Unryu washi

The delicacy and uniqueness of the Unryu washi with its visible Mulberry swirls combined with the bitter-sweetness of an image that shows both the beauty of the rose blossoms and the passage of time with the falling, translucent petals makes for unforgettable botanical art that anyone can be proud to display in their home or collection.

Falling Rose Petals © Harold Davis

Falling Rose Petals © Harold Davis

The price for this one-of-a-kind print that blends classical aesthetic with modern sensibility and technology is $395. Please contact my studio for more information, or to purchase a print.

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