Waterfall after Turner

This is a close-in view of White River Falls. Standing by the edge of the falls, the whole world seemed loud and in motion. My intention was to use the camera to create a painterly image, with light and water flying around in an inchoate and impressionistic mass of light and wet spray—much as J.M.W. Turner did in his later paintings of storms at sea.

Waterfall after Turner © Harold Davis
Waterfall after Turner © Harold Davis

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  1. Your photography is wonderful….the waterfall photo does indeed look like a Turner painting…atmospheric/painterly. So much of what I’ve seen of your work online falls in the category of fine art rather than photography.
    I’m looking forward to your presentation at the Photography Club meeting in Rossmoor on March 23!!!

  2. Hi Harold. When I first looked at this picture, I couldn’t resolve it in my own mind. Then I saw the sharply focussed branches bottom right and suddenly the whole scene fell into place. I’d be very iinterested to know how you produced such an unusual but very striking piece of work.

  3. @Still Base: When I got to the overlook about Upper White Creek Falls, it was about 4PM. This was still early in the year, and the sun was beginning to set. The waterfall is deep in canyon, so the vast plumes of spray that were being sent up were illuminated by ever-changing shafts of late light. I put the camera on my tripod, trying hard to keep it from being deluged by the blowing spray. The image is made from four exposures, shot on my D810 at 70mm, f/13, and ISO 64. Shutter speeds ranged from 1/30 of a second to 1/125 of a second. I processed and combined the photos to enhance tonal and dynamic ranges, and to show some detail where it was available. Best wishes in photography, Harold

  4. Harold, Many thanks for the shooting and processing information.

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