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I am hosting an event on the Ask Me Anything feed. The way this works is that folks post questions (hence the “Ask Me Anything”) and I answer them, hopefully starting a dialog. The theme of my event is “inspiration and creativity.”

You can ask me a question whenever you like, but my answers will only be public once the event “goes live” on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 4PM PST. Here’s a description of the event:

Ask Me Anything: Harold Davis, Internationally-Recognized Photographer, Workshop Leader, and Best-Selling Author

I am fortunate today to make my living licensing photos, making and exhibiting prints, leading workshops, and writing books. My work takes me all over the world and leads me into many adventures. I am a “photographer as poet,” meaning that my photographs have a poetic narrative. I make the images I want, and make a living from them.

You can learn more about my work on my website, also read my blog, and note my upcoming workshops and events, and browse my published book titles on Amazon.

Besides photography and writing, I have been a fine art painter, have a law degree, and have worked as a computer programmer and software developer. I have crossed the Brooks Range—the northern most mountains in Alaska—as a solo hiker. In the early days, I had a studio in New York, and hung from helicopters photographing the World Trade Towers. 

In my life and work, the most important aspect of my talent is inspiration and creativity. So inspiration and creativity always interest me, no matter what the field, whether it involves technology, writing, photography, or art. How do we find inspiration, and how do we stay passionate and creative?

Click here to ask me anything about passion, inspiration, and creativity!

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