There and Back Again!

I’m just back from a week trip to the mountains and the desert.

Phyllis is a saint and took care of the three kids more-or-less solo. I think Julian wanted to come with me so much that he really was acting out. Handling the three of them at once is no piece of cake for one person.

I visited Yosemite, the eastern Sierra, and the desert.

On this trip I took over 1,000 images, and as time goes by I’ll be processing and blogging the best of them. I’m very excited by these photos, but they are stark.

The purpose of the entry is to explain in an overview fashion where I went.

If you look at the map, you can see I first drove to Yosemite, where I spent several days hiking. (You can click on the map or here to see it in a larger size.)

there be dragons

After Yosemite, I went over Tioga Pass and into Owens Valley.

I drove south down Owens Valley, stopping to take pictures, and then turned east towards Westgard Pass, the ancient Bristlecone Pines, and the desert.

From Beatty, Nevada I explored the ghost town of Rhyolite, and then entered Death Valley National Park.

I returned to Owens Valley near Lone Pine, watched the sunrise shed morning alpenglow on Mount Whitney, and spent several sessions photographing the Alabama Hills.

Turning north, I headed for Bridgeport, photographed Twin Lakes, and had a straight shot home over Sonora Pass.

This is the macro picture. Stay tuned for more photos, and stories of my travels in more detail.

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