Impossible Images

Variety is the spice of life, and it is certainly part of what I enjoy about photography. Having a camera is an excuse for being anywhere and examining anything. Those of you who follow my blog or my photostream on Flickr will know that my subjects range from kids and flowers through the night landscape. I’m also intrigued with the idea of extending photography via software manipulation to create images of the impossible.

I’m pleased to announce that Spirals, one of my images of the impossible, has won a place in the prestigious MacWorld 2009 digital imaging exhibition.


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The image may be impossible, but it should not be implausible. To achieve this sleight of eye requires, as artist M.C. Escher put it, “deception.” Plausible impossibility tends to the opposite of plausible deniability: until you look very carefully it just might be for real, but it’s clearly imaginary if you give it thought.

My favorite impossible images often involve twisting stairs like Calling Alice (below) or infinite progressions to an impossible vanishing point, like World without End (far below).

Calling Alice

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In the photocomposition below, I sandwiched larger and smaller versions of the progression of doors together to make an apparently endless series. The doors do go on to the bitter end, namely the single pixel level.

World without End

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