Nicky always loves gardening with me, or at least his idea of gardening with me. Which I think means we both put on our gardening gloves and dig holes and play with water in the garden.

But he’s been asking–begging would be a better description, as only an almost-four-year-old can wheedle–to go on a plant-buying date with me, and then plant the plants we buy.

So yesterday I picked Nicky up from school. Sarah, our new nanny picked up Julian and took care of Mathew, so Phyllis had the luxury for a change of no children to care for.

Nicky and I bought a few plants to plant at Berkeley Horticulture–including this cyclamen. Cyclamens are nice this time of year around here because they bloom through the spring. Also, they are perennial, the bulbs send up new flowrs year after year. (On Flickr, I spell it “flowr,” not “flower”!)

I poked my macro lens into the cyclamen to photograph its new buds (photo below). Today, a gentle rain has been falling all morning, good for the newly planted cyclamen (photo above).

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