Bloomin’ Bromeliads, Batman

Meta data: Nikon D70 Raw capture, AF Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (157mm 35mm equivalence).
Exif: ISO 200, 0.8 second, f/36.
Focus: Manual, about 0.33 meter (around one foot).
Post: Routine level adjustments and sharpening.

Phyllis and I went for a walk in Blake Garden this afternoon. Sarah had charge of the kids, so we took a little time off because the weather is so wonderful.

For once, I didn’t take my photo gear with me, so we just got to spend a little time together.

Then I saw these flowering bromeliad, hidden under an overgrown bank of plants. There were two blooms, the one above and this one:

Bromeliad Flower

I figured the light was perfect in the afternoon, and made plans (with myself) to come back the next day (tomorrow) to photograph them.

Then I said “nyet.” If I’ve learned anything in all these years taking pictures, it is to take the good ones when you see them. Things change. The weather is not as perfect the next day. A bird makes its home on the flower. The gardeners think it is a weed, and mow it down. Whatever.

Phyllis dropped me off at home and went grocery shopping. I hopped back in the car with my kit, and had just enough time to take these pictures before the Blake Garden gates closed at 4:30.

In photography, as in life, carpe diem.

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