Rose Spiral

Meta information: Nikon D70 Raw capture, AF Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (157mm 35mm equivalence).

Exif: ISO 200, 1/250 second, f/5. This was an exterior, daylight shot with considerable wind and motion, and handheld.

Focus: Manual, about 0.45 meter (around 1.4 feet).

Post: Cropping for compostion, routine level adjustments and workflow, sharpening for both Gaussian and Motion blur, color enhancement with a graduated dark blue overlay in Photoshop.

Spirals are often seen in nature. It’s surprisingly common for these spirals to be a visual representation of a series of numbers, such as the Fibonacci series. In the Fibonacci series, each number in the series is the sum of the two previous numbers.

However, I haven’t often seen this kind of spiral in a rose. So I was delighted to be able to photograph this one in the wind and sunshine of our front porch!

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