Found in the Fun House

Meta information: Nikon D70 Raw capture, AF Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (157mm 35mm equivalence) with 36mm (3X) Kenko extension tube.

Exif: ISO 200, 8 seconds, f/40. Considering the long exposure, naturally I used a tripod.

Focus: Manual, very close to the subject (about three inches).

Post: Very slight cropping for compostion and routine level adjustments and workflow.

I found this flower the other day in the Tropical House that’s part of the University of California Botannical Garden. (OK, so it’s a tropical house, not a fun house, but it is still quite fun!)

I suppose the flower is some kind of orchid. It’s quite small. It was down close to the ground. I would have sworn the plant was more a bromeliad than an orchid, but the flower has an orchid look to me. Unfortunately, this plant wasn’t labeled, or at least I couldn’t find the label.

That I have no idea of the genus shows my level of botannical knowledge: I photograph things because I love the way they look, not because I know what they are. Maybe someone on Flickr will enlighten me!

Light conditions were poor, as is often the case in the real rain forest or jungle. It took quite a bit in gyrations to get my tripod in place low to the ground, but I sure had fun in the fun (or tropical house) while I was gyrating!

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