Geometry of Sun, Fog, and Bridge

What I find most interesting about this photo is the way the water in the Bay and the fog bank blend together in one “solid” wall that the sun is sitting on top of. For a brief moment.

I think this one is really worth looking at in a larger size.

This photo is in my continuing study of sunsets, storms, and light on the San Francisco Bay.

Meta stuff: Nikon D70 Raw capture, AF-S VR-Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED at 200mm (300mm if you were using a 35mm film camera); tripod with VR (vibration reduction) turned off.

Exif: ISO 200, 1/320 second, f/9.

Focus: Automatic, at infinity.

Post: The Raw file for the photo was processed twice (once for the setting sun area and once for the bridge and water) and combined using a layer mask and a radial gradient. Once the layers were combined, I added a dark blue gradient to the sky of this image and performed routine level adjustments and sharpening.

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