Boards Not Bored

A few days ago it was raining. Phyllis and I drove the kids on the rounds to school. At Step One, Phyllis took Nicky in–and vanished for what seemed to be an interminable period–while I stayed with Julian and Mathew in the car. Rain swept across Spruce and beat rythmically on the car.

I was getting ancy sitting in the car. Across the street I saw this composition of boards, with the red especially saturated in the rain. Fortunately I had my waterproof Pentax Optio with me. I got out and snapped this photo.

Of course, I use a lot of fairly heavy-duty professional equipment to make some of my photographs. But I enjoy being open to all the wonderful photo gizmos that are coming out these days to benefit consumer and hobby photographers–like this cute, small, water proof camera. A wise stance, I think, since being too serious can take away all the fun leaving only boredom.

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