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Proofing in Bed

Proofing in Bed, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Read the original story featuring this image.

Okay, so Phyllis and I know something about creating, designing, writing, producing, packaging—and, yes, photographing—photography books. In my upcoming afternoon photography workshop on February 6, you don’t get Phyllis. But you do get me. And I’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly: book proposals that have worked, and book projects that have flopped miserably. And explain why. And help you with your special project.

All this is a bargain at $95 in my opinion. Unless you have other plans for the weekend, like the Superbowl. In which case I can only surrender to unfair competition.

Here’s the official description:

This afternoon workshop is designed for those interested in creating and publishing books using their photographs, as well as those interested in online publication via photoblogging. Topics to be covered include the conventional publication process, finding an agent, marketing a book, existing and potential markets for photography books, photography book ideas that work, publication on demand, preparing photos for publication, and creating book designs. Special attention will be paid to editing a body of your work to create a successful photography book presentation. We’ll also take a look at online alternatives, and cover both the economics and technology of photoblogging.

Harold Davis is an award-winning professional photographer and author of more than thirty books, including Creative Composition: Digital Photography Techniques (Wiley), Creative Night: Digital Darkroom Tips & Techniques (Wiley), Creative Close-ups: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley), The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing (Focal Press) and Practical Artistry: Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers (O’Reilly). Harold writes the popular Photoblog 2.0 ( and is a regular photography columnist for

PDF Flyer for the publishing workshop
Registration: online at, or call 1.415.663.1200 X373

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