Winter in Yosemite

It’s grand to visit Yosemite any time of year. But my favorite seasons as a photographer are spring and winter.

In the winter, the crowds thin, and it feels like you have the wonderful, mysterious sanctuary that is Yosemite to yourself. The light takes on a luminous quality. Sudden storms surround you in wet, gusty snow clouds and then disappear in rays of brilliant sunshine. Familiar vistas look new and exciting.

True, winter-time logistics take a bit of thought. You want to be sure to bring warm clothing, tire chains for your car, and a way to get around in the snow (like snow shoes) outside of your car. It is somewhat harder to get to Yosemite (and around Yosemite) in the winter time, but really not that difficult.

The photograph above was taken from a short distance up the Inspiration Point trail. This one below is from the Tunnel View parking lot, just after a storm had passed over the valley.

Winter Storm, Yosemite

View this photograph larger.

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