Forget-Her-Nots Cover

I was very pleased to see the way my photo turned out on the cover of Amy Brecount White’s Forget-Her-Nots. The publisher is Greenwillow Books (part of HarperCollins) and the gourgeous wrap-around cover (if I say so myself!) was nicely art-directed by Paul Zakris from my Transparency image of poppies (Papaver Rhoeas).

Forget-Her-Knots wrap cover

So, in the “Flowers and their meanings” at the back of the book, poppies mean “fantastic extravagance,” and the author, Amy Brecount White, is a gardener. This leads the way to recounting my pleasure when I learned that Forget-Her-Knots, while notionally addressed to seventh grade readers (and up), is about the magic and language of flowers. How wonderfully appropriate for my work!

Forget-Her-Knots cover

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