Rose Petal Reflection

I never expected my photography blog to take on the life it has, and it is flattering to get all the email I do from people viewing photos and reading what I have to say about them. (Most of the two-way conversation about imagery goes on over on my Flickr photostream, not here on the blog.)

More than eighteen months later, there are over seven hundred stories and literally thousands of digital images. This is a large body of work to plunge into, larger probably than any photo book in the world. Many people just take a look at the blog home page to see my most recent images. But there are many other ways to approach this ouvre. For example, you could browse through the stories and images in one of my categories such as Photograms, the San Francisco Bay area, Yosemite, or Water Drops.

You could also browse my blog in chronologic sequence, using the month-by-month links on the right-hand navigation panel. If you have really a great deal of extra time (ha! ha!), you can start with my first story in the blog, Ducks, and click Next to sequence entry-by-entry through my whole blog. I think the progression reveals growth as a photographer and digital image maker. It also hits high and low spots of my life during the interim.

It’s good to look forward and create new work, but also sometimes good to look back with the perspective that time brings. So from time to time I’ll be re-publishing my favorite archived images, like this Rose Petal Reflection, which originally appeared in May, 2005.

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