Tennessee Beach

Obviously, Tennessee Beach is a place of great beauty. A more-or-less flat trail down Tennessee Valley takes you to this magical place in under two miles from the parking lot. This parking lot itself is only a couple of miles off the freeway, and a few exits north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tennessee Beach is so easy to get to that I have the usual wilderness junky response to people who admire my photos of the area and say that they are inspired to make a visit: “Great, thanks, but do you really have to visit?” Only kidding. And, in response to the (I hope facetious) query on Flickr, Tennessee Beach is of course in California, not Tennessee. Does Tennessee even have beaches? Just kidding again, but not beaches like this one. In actual, historical fact Tennessee Beach is named after a ship, the Tennessee, that was shipwrecked on the beach. All passengers were saved, although they did have to camp out on the beach for a couple of nights.

Here’s link to my set of photos of (and from) the Marin Headlands on Flickr. Also check out Vertigo, Magnificent Marin Headlands, and Tennessee Beach Looking South. And here are some more Tennessee Beach images:

Tennessee Beach 3

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Tennessee Beach 2

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Tennessee Beach 5

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